The Osborns

Testimony: Rick did not grow up in a Christian home and never attended church.  But, at the age of 16, a high school friend invited him to attend a Billy Graham Crusade that was in a nearby city.  Upon hearing a clear presentation of the Gospel and realizing that he needed to trust in Christ for his salvation; at the invitation Rick walked to the middle of a football field where a man helped him understand his sinful state, his need to be saved, and he asked Jesus Christ to forgive him for his sin, to be his Savior, and to be the Lord of his life.  Having never read a Bible, Rick was overwhelmed as he began to read about what Jesus Christ had done for him.  He was amazed that God would send His Son to die for his sins.  Rick began to attend Bible Studies with several of his friends.  For the next two years they grew in the Lord and became powerful witnesses in their high school and saw many of their classmates come to Christ.

Brenda grew up in a very close, moral, church going family.  When she was a teenager, her church was having a family conference.  It was at this conference that Brenda accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior.  Brenda attended the same high school as Rick.  Although she was two years older, they became very good friends and she would attend Bible Studies with him.  As they grew together in the Lord, they also grew together in their personal relationship.

On June 21, 1975 they were married!  They have enjoyed a wonderful life together through the struggles & blessings of Bible College, starting a family, early years of ministry and eventually pastoring.

Calling: About a year after Rick had trusted Christ as his Savior; he got out of bed in the middle of the night, went into the bathroom, knelt down at the stool, and said, “Lord, You gave Your life for me, the least I can do is live my life for You.  Lord, I’m not anybody; I don’t have anything to offer you, but whatever you want me to do, I’ll do it.” Then, he held out his hands, turned his palms down, and said, “Lord, I’m letting go of my life and all that I am.  I give it to You.  Please use me. Please help me to be faithful to you.”

God has used Rick & Brenda for over 30 years in various ministries.  They have faithfully served the Lord through many trials and many learning experiences.  But God is Faithful!  They have been so blessed to serve their Lord and Savior and are looking forward to serving now in the very needed country of West Africa.

Education: Rick received his Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry from Maranatha Baptist Bible College in Watertown, WI  in 1983.  He was ordained at West Gate Baptist Church in Tampa, FL in 1990.  He received his Masters of Ministry from Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, FL in 2006.

Brenda received her Bachelor of Arts in Education from Western Illinois University in Macomb, IL in 1976.  She received her Bible Diploma from Faith Bible Institute in 2005.

Ministry Experience: Rick and Brenda have been faithfully serving the Lord for over 30 years.  Rick has served local Baptist Churches in various areas: youth pastor, assistant pastor, associate pastor, church planting, and pastored the same church for fourteen years before being called to full-time missions.

Brenda has taught at various elementary levels in Christian education for over 27 years.

Through years of ministry and many mission trips, God has well prepared Rick & Brenda to train national pastors and help plant New Testament Baptist Churches in West Africa.

Family: Rick & Brenda have been blessed with three children, two daughters & a son.  While it was not always easy growing up in a Pastor’s home, their children loved the Lord, loved the church, and loved the ministry.  They all three trusted Christ before the age of five and were very involved in the church while growing up.  They attended Christian school, and all graduated from Bible College.

Today, they are all three married (met their mates while at Bible College) and faithfully serving the Lord in local churches.